Joe Carbone

As Chief Operating Officer, Joe is responsible for the design and implementation of business operations, establishing organizational performance metrics, supporting strategic direction, and assisting with the future expansion and development of the company.

As a transplant from Iowa, Joe moved to Las Vegas in the early 2000s and started his career spanning the casino, venture capital/family office, and consulting industries.  During this time, his experience was cultivated in a diverse set of organizations.  This included entrepreneurial businesses in various phases of the corporate lifecycle.  He is versed in the fields of finance, accounting, HR, and operations.

Joe holds a B.S. in Finance from Iowa State University with an emphasis in International Business, which was earned while attending a consortium university program in Italy.   He achieved the designation of Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), inclusive of the requisite collegiate courses through UCLA.   His community involvement centers around volunteering, being a member of Los Vaqueros Las Vegas, and he previously held committee and board positions at various local charities.