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Logic Commercial Real Estate featured article

Wanting to create a brokerage firm that efficiently produces favorable outcomes through the use of technology and employee innovation, Brendan Keating, along with partners, founded Logic Commercial Real Estate less than a year ago.

Keating recognized the importance of being a local resource for their clients and has assembled a team with roots in Southern Nevada, including many who are born and bred. In fact, Keating himself was born at Sunrise Hospital and has spent his professional career helping expand the Southern Nevada market.

“Having the right assets on our balance sheet is part of having 20/20 vision,” said Keating. “Our assets are our team members. Service businesses like ours are valuable because of the people on our team.”

Keating recognizes that his team has been integral to the organization’s success and he credits them with the company’s growth. He hopes to make Logic one of the largest locally owned brokerage and property management companies in Southern Nevada.

“I believe we have something special brewing at our company,” he said. “If we can keep the culture and commitment to our values, we will create a valuable enterprise that we will share with our employees who helped us get there.”