Receivership Services

At LOGIC, we specialize in Court Appointed Receivership services, offering our expertise in managing distressed assets across various sectors of commercial real estate. With a wealth of experience in handling industrial, retail, office, multifamily, self-storage, and shopping mall properties, we are dedicated to protecting and enhancing the value of real property collateral entrusted to us. 

  As a Receiver, we understand the intricate dynamics of distressed assets. Our approach extends beyond mere preservation, as we actively seek opportunities to enhance the value of the properties under our care. Our Receivership services encompass: 

  1. Pre-Appointment Preparation: Collaborating closely with legal counsel, we ensure that all necessary elements are incorporated into the draft Court Order to facilitate a smooth transition into Receivership. 
  2. Immediate Securing and Safeguarding: Upon appointment, our priority is to swiftly secure and safeguard the real property collateral and associated financial instruments to prevent further deterioration or loss. 
  3. Health, Safety, and Welfare Assessment: We conduct thorough assessments to identify and address any potential health, safety, or welfare concerns associated with the properties. 
  4. Financial Records Review and Audit: Our team meticulously reviews and audits all historical financial records to ensure accuracy and identify any discrepancies that may impact asset management. 
  5. Asset Stabilization Planning: We develop and implement comprehensive asset stabilization plans tailored to the unique requirements of each property, aimed at maximizing value and minimizing risk. 
  6. Transparent Communication: Throughout the Receivership process, we maintain open and transparent communication with all relevant parties, ensuring a seamless transition and facilitating the eventual transfer to Real Estate Owned (REO) status. 

Our commitment goes beyond conventional Receivership duties. We leverage our expertise and industry insights to drive positive outcomes for our clients, actively working towards the revitalization and optimization of distressed assets under our stewardship. 

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